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Humanity, having been inspired by curiosity and fired by emotions through ages past to explore and (imperfectly) master the world, now stands on the threshold of being able to stretch forth its intellect and its abilities to investigate and tame the entire solar system for its collective benefit. Accomplishing this phenomenal challenge and wisely reaping its bounteous rewards will require substantial sustained effort and brilliant innovative thinking over the span of decades, perhaps even centuries.

Will the children of the fractured-thought instant-response artificial-world microchip society that Apollo hath (partly) wrought be up to the task? Will they even feel any desire to contemplate taking on the task?

Nasainstruktören och numera frilansskribenten Bob Mahoney har en intressant artikel i the Space Review. Vad händer med bemannad rymdfart när virtuella världar öppnar sig?

Författare: Dag Kättström